Saturn Industries was one of the first EDM companies to go out-of-this-world in creating Timed Orbiting Taps.

Everyone knows that Saturn has the expertise to produce electrodes of varying pitch diameters and thread forms, but did you know that we created Timed Orbiting Taps to make placing finishing electrodes easier?  We customize a timed flat on the shank to eliminate the need for machining electrodes on special shanks.  We’re thrilled to be a leader in this technology and that we were able to do so without increasing the cost for our consumers.

We were also the first manufacturer to make orbiting taps in metals. We can fulfill your tapping electrode needs in various materials, including POCO EDM-3 and C-3 graphite, brass, copper, and copper-tungsten.  If size is your concern, our tapping electrodes come in both inch and metric sizes. In POCO graphite, we offer sizes in both orbiting & non orbiting from 0-80 to 2 inch. Saturn also manufactures timed orbiting NPT pipe taps as well.  (Check out the variety of Tapping Electrodes we have in our online store!) 

Our dedication to giving our customers the very best in electrode manufacturing is second to none.  Our skilled operators are experienced in both traditional machining and EDM machining, and are also trained to use sophisticated measuring equipment, thus insuring that you’ll receive a quality part every time.  (For those of us who love lists, here are some of the types of machining Saturn offers. CNC Milling; CNC Turning; Surface Grinding; Tool Grinders; Cutter Grinders; Wire EDM machines; and RAM EDM and Micro EDM). Contact us so we can get started on your custom machining order today!

The universe has grown in its need for the smallest of machined parts, and proud to say that  Saturn is running “rings” around its competition!  Thank you for joining us on our journey.