Precision Graphite Electrodes

Saturn Industries has become one of the nation’s premier fabricators of precision graphite electrodes serving hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries.

Saturn Industries in-depth knowledge of the EDM process is based on years of manufacturing electrodes for thousands of different applications. In fact, our breadth of experience, covering both graphites and metals, is unique in the industry. There is probably no EDM electrode type we haven’t seen or EDM electrode problem we haven’t overcome. Learn more about Saturn’s EDM machining.

Understanding the properties and performance characteristics of the various EDM materials enables us to produce the best precision graphite electrode for the job. When more than one type of electrode is suitable, we can direct you to the material or grade that offers the best balance of performances and cost.

Why Graphite Electrodes?

Graphite is by far the most popular material being used to produce EDM electrodes in the world today. Over 70% of the global market currently uses graphite electrodes for EDM and in the United States it is as high as 95%. With our extensive inventory of graphite materials, we can quickly produce electrodes from any grade required. The advantages of graphite over copper when producing EDM electrodes are many, these advantages include:

  • Graphite is able to achieve electrode wear of less than 1% in relation to the depth of cut, while working to more aggressive machine parameters. This means, unlike copper, the high amperage and longer on-times actually preserve the graphite electrode.
  • Fine grain graphite electrodes are able to deliver similar surface finishes to that of copper, while offering much faster speeds and vastly reduced electrode wear.
  • Graphite is produced with a wide range of material characteristics, enabling you to match the electrode material properties to the EDM application.
  • Significant cost savings can be made choosing graphite over copper, generated through reduced machining times and speed of cut, less production time to create electrodes, faster EDM times and better throughput from EDM machines.

Why Saturn Industries?

Saturn graphite electrodes are carefully crafted to meet highly specific parameters. These include level of detail, material strength, wear resistance, processing speed, surface finish and cost. We produce the finest quality electrodes, just a few are listed below:

  • Graphite Airfoil Electrodes
  • Graphite Seal Slot Electrodes
  • Graphite Vane Electrodes
  • Graphite Ground Blanks & Sheets
  • Graphite Rods & Tubes
  • Graphite Hexagon & Octagon Electrodes
  • Graphite Electrodes Made to Print
Saturn Industries makes Precision Graphite Airfoil/Seal Slot Electrodes
Saturn Industries makes Precision CNC Milled and Turned Graphite Electrodes
Saturn Industries makes Precision Graphite Hexagon Electrodes