About Saturn Industries

Saturn Industries, Inc., has been the leader in the design and fabrication of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) electrodes and tooling since 1959. We offer our customers a full range of the finest Isomolded and Extruded graphite products. Saturn is dedicated to the aerospace, automotive, glass, medical, molding and power generation industries. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also offer an extensive range of industrial tooling, accessories, and consulting services. Saturn is dedicated to providing a superior product while maintaining the principles of “Lean & Green Manufacturing”. We are constantly striving to reduce costs where possible and pass those savings on to our valued customers. Our philosophy has always been that the relationship we have with our customers is not just as their vendor but as their partner. As your partner it is essential that we provide you with quality parts and impeccable service.


Saturn Industries celebrates its 60th anniversary logoIn offering you the highest quality machining services, we take a rather literal approach. We want to provide you with both the best machining and the best service available. In our machining, we’re committed to achieving the highest levels of CNC precision, while adhering to the most exacting standards. We are also committed to meeting your needs – for no matter how technical we get, we’re still a service business.

Our capabilities include laser-inspected centerless grinding to ±0.0005mm tolerances, 5-axis CNC milling, wire, sinker, and small hole EDM, CNC 6-axis turning, CNC surface and form grinding to ±0.005mm tolerances.

You may not always need this kind of precision, but it shows the kind of reliability you can expect from Saturn. Not just in our adherence to your specs, but in our total response to your needs. Complete documentation and certification are available with every shipment, from a single prototype to the highest-volume component production run.


Saturn’s ability to produce electrodes that satisfy the most critical criteria for dimensional accuracy and surface finish is the result of highly sophisticated equipment and skilled craftsmanship. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is an indication of the production quality you can expect.

We offer expertise in both traditional machining and EDM machining capabilities that enable us to produce the finest precision made parts in the industry. While many EDM applications require electrodes built to tolerances of ±0.0005″, we have the capabilities to handle much more stringent requirements and have fabricated electrodes to even ±0.00002″.

To produce the wide variety of EDM electrodes our customers require, Saturn Industries utilizes a range of sophisticated machining equipment. Among them: 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers, 6 Axis Turning Centers and CNC Surface Grinders, Tool and Cutter Grinders plus Wire EDM, RAM EDM and Micro EDM machines.


From the day we opened for business, we believed in the value of purchasing the finest inspection equipment to make sure the quality of Saturn products was second to none. This attention to quality has paid off in rapid growth and customer loyalty.

Laser micrometers which measure to ±0.00001″, 30″ coordinate-measuring optical comparators and high- resolution tool-maker’s microscopes are some of the highly sophisticated inspection equipment we use to check parts.

You can be sure your Saturn-made electrodes will meet your most demanding specifications, with consistent quality from part to part, and from order to order. Just ask, and we’ll gladly provide the documentation to back it up.