Custom CNC Machining

In offering you the highest quality custom CNC machining services, we take a rather literal approach.

We want to provide you with both the best custom machining and the best service available. In our machining, we’re committed to achieving the highest levels of CNC precision, while adhering to the most exacting standards. We are also committed to meeting your needs – for no matter how technical we get, we’re still a service business.

Saturn Industries in Hudson, NY, specializes in machining performance-critical custom CNC machined parts primarily for Aerospace, Defense and Industrial applications. Due to the critical nature of the parts and their very stringent requirements, machining component parts for this class of customers is very demanding. Our capabilities include laser-inspected centerless grinding, CNC milling, wire, sinker, and small hole EDM, turning, flat and contoured grinding to ±0.0002″ tolerances. You may not always need this kind of precision, but it shows the kind of reliability you can expect from Saturn. Not just in our adherence to your specs, but in our total response to your needs. Complete documentation and certification are available with every shipment, from a single prototype to the highest-volume component production run.

When does custom CNC machining make sense?

  • The part is not available as a catalog or off-the-shelf item
  • The part has special requirements
  • The volume of parts needed is too low to justify other forms of fabrication
  • A formed, cast, or molded part would not have an adequate level of precision or strength
  • The parts are needed very quickly

Let Saturn Industries Quote Your Custom CNC Machining Project

We can quote your job using conventional CAD files, fill out our simple form and we will contact you with a competitive quote.

Precision Graphite Electrodes from Saturn Industries of Hudson NY


5 Axis CNC Machining Center
CNC Turning Center with live tooling & “C” Axis
CNC Form Grinding
Centerless Grinding
5 Axis EDM Wire
EDM Sinker
Fast Hole EDM
7 Axis Micro EDM with EDM Micro Milling production run.


Reverse Engineering Using Digital Scanning To Create 3D Electronic Files.


Solid Works
Surf Cam
Auto Cad


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Examples of Saturn Industries custom CNC machining capabilities
Saturn Industries is an expert in custom CNC machining such as CNC milling and CNC turning
Saturn Industries can create any prototype with custom CNC machining services