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Saturn Industries offers Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities including CNC wire EDM, EDM hole popping and EDM hole drilling machining services. Specialized micro EDM services are also available through our affiliate company Leer Technologies Inc.

EDM Services at Saturn Industries

Saturn Industries, an AS9100 Certified EDM services provider, offers top quality electrical discharge machining services and has been the industry leader since 1959. With capabilities of Wire EDM, Small Hole EDM Drilling, Conventional / Sinker EDM and Water-jet services. Catering to all aspects of manufacturing industries, including: Medical, Surgical, Aerospace, Missile, Defense, Aeronautical, Satellite, Tool and Die, Stamping, & Commercial. Saturn has been far exceeding customers’ and clients’ standards, we hold a reputation of the fastest turnaround and highly competitive pricing. Saturn’s EDM staff are highly trained and dedicated and strive to make every effort to exceed our customers’ expectations. Call us today for a free estimate and quotation.

What is EDM

Electrical discharge machining, or EDM for short, is a highly accurate machining process during which sparks, or electrical discharges, shape a workpiece by removing material.

EDM is perfect for applications that require the creation of intricate details or complex geometries such as in the fields of aerospace, automotive, defense, extrusion, electronics, food and beverage, medicine, and stamping.

Another aspect of of EDM is metal disintegration machining. During metal disintegration machining, manufacturers use electrical discharge machines to disintegrate broken tool parts stuck inside workpieces. Examples of these tool parts include studs, taps, drill bits, and bolts. By removing them from the center of a workpiece, manufacturers can recycle or reclaim the workpiece material.

Benefits of the EDM Machining Process

Electrical discharge machining supplies a wide variety of advantages to both manufacturers and customers.

  • Electrical discharge machining creates products and parts with highly accurate markings, angles, cuts, etc.
  • EDM machines can machine even the smallest parts or smallest lines. The complex shapes that manufacturers can make with EDM tooling would be difficult or impossible with traditional tooling.
  • EDM machines can accurately cut even the hardest of metals without preheating them.
  • EDM does not use impact or abrasion to achieve its goals. In fact, the EDM tool never makes physical contact with the part being machined. This is a significant advantage. Because the EDM tool never makes physical contact with the part being machined, that part is not deformed, nor does it sustain heat damage or imperfections like burrs.
  • With EDM, creates excellent surface finish qualities.

Products Produced with Saturn’s EDM Services

Using electrical discharge machining, manufacturers produce molds, tools, and dies for the forming, casting, and forging of products and parts like plastic molds, compressor blades, various engine parts, jewelry, badges, coinage, plastic mold production, compressor blade production, and the production of other engine parts. With EDM, manufacturers also make prototypes and sample parts for customers in auto, aerospace, and electronics.

Design Considerations

EDM machines can cut through most any material, metal, or otherwise. Examples of materials they work with include aluminum, bronze, cobalt, copper, gold, lead, nickel, silicon, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten.

When deciding on what tool or tools are best for their application, manufacturers consider variables such as the intended shape and size of the end product, and the work piece material (which must match with the electrode material or tool material/design in order to work properly).

Materials and Types of EDM:

Almost all metallic and electrically conductive materials can be machined using the EDM process. Most common are aluminum, alloy and stainless steels, nickel based alloys, titanium, copper tungsten and tungsten carbide.

Wire EDM:

Maximum work piece size and weight: 735 x 530 x 400mm, 1000kg
Axis travels: X 400mm Y 300mm Z 400mm
Maximum taper: 30 degrees

Hole Popping EDM:

Hole diameters: 0.30-4.0mm
Maximum work piece height: 260mm
Maximum work piece weight: 310kg

Micro EDM:

Please Visit Leer Technologies Inc. for more details.
CNC micro EDM hole drilling as small as 10 micron (0.0004in) dia.
Precision small hole drilling services up to 5mm dia.
Micro EDM sinking operations
Micro EDM milling

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