This holiday season we would like to celebrate our 60th year of being YOUR industry partner in the manufacturing of EDM electrodes and tooling products and parts! (Hip Hip Hooray!) Our passion for producing best-in-class products is fueled by our clients. We love our clients! They drive us to provide not only the best technology, but also a superior level of customer service. As 2019 comes to a close, we want to thank everyone for 60 amazing years at Saturn Industries! So THANK YOU, and we hope that you have a very happy holiday season and new year!

Let’s take a closer look at just two of the industries that Saturn partners with, the aerospace and the automotive industries.


 The term “aerospace” comes from the words aeronautics and space flight, and indeed stretches its wings both inside and outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Of all of the countries in the world with aerospace industries the United States possesses the largest aerospace industrial complex.

This “complex” encompasses far more than just airplanes, it includes “the research, development, and manufacture of flight vehicles, including unpowered gliders and sailplanes,  lighter-than-air craft, heavier-than-air craft (both fixed-wing and rotary-wing), missiles, space launch vehicles, and both manned and unmanned spacecraft.” And even in addition to that (Really!? There’s more?) the aerospace industry is responsible for creating and maintaining propulsion and avionics (aviation electronics) systems, and the systems that support all of the behind-the-scenes work of testing, operating, and maintaining the aviation vehicles. (Whoa. THAT was intense.)


From the Greek word ‘autos’ (self) and the Latin ‘motivus’ (of motion), the technology of the ‘automotive’ industry is ever evolving to increase efficiency and safety, which is great because with over 272,000,000 (that’s MILLIONS!) registered cars in the United States, the automotive industry touches just about every one of us!

Currently there are three major American manufacturers (the Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), but did you know there are another fourteen American manufacturers also designing, developing and manufacturing today? Fun fact: This group includes the popular Tesla company. (Yay for ‘Made in the U.S.A.’!)

The aerospace and automotive industries are vast in both numbers and in reach, and we are proud to be a part of the technology that makes it all possible!